Fix It Friday: Custom Shower Curtains

Home decor has always intimidated me and I'm surrounded by people who are insanely creative in this area which doesn't help at all, lol. Today I decided to finally to tackle a small basement bathroom that's way overdue for an update.

The first job was to replace the curtain for the shower stall which is an odd size, 36" W x 75"L. Standard shower curtains (72"W x 72"L) are inexpensive and easy to find but custom sizes definitely are not. Instead, I bought a standard shower curtain and cut it in half to make it 36" wide. I folded over the raw edge and sewed to secure it. I then found a wide ribbon remnant that matched so I sewed it to the bottom to increase the length.

If you try this, use matching thread - you don't want your alterations to stand out!

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